Analysis Of The Poem ' Oranges ' And ' Small Town With One Road '

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Poetry is a creative art expressed through words and created through passion, prior experience and multiple outer influences. Gary Soto is a famous poet who blossomed in the late 20th century. Soto used different variations of poetry tools to create expressive poems based on his own life experience. While Soto wrote many different poems, the poems “Oranges” and “Small Town With One Road” stand out and can be deeply analyzed. Both poems are strongly emphasized with his past experiences in life. Gary Soto writes poems about hope, diversity and harshness of life, because he relates to his own personal experience while conveying his meaning through the poems.
Gary Soto was born in Fresno, California in April 12, 1952. Soto’s grandparents were immigrants from mexico, leading to him being born to a mexican-american working family which struggled to find work(“Gary Soto,” Poetry foundation). Soto’s father died when he was five which affected his future poetry. Growing up as a mexican in the middle of the 20th century, Gary was exposed to the harshness of belonging to a mexican family in america which he later wrote in his poetry( “Gary Soto,” Gary started working in the fields and factories at a young age, he was not academically motivated in grade school but became interested in poetry in high school(“Gary Soto,” Poetry Foundation). In high school, his influencers in literature were Ernest Hemingway, Jules Verne, John Steinbeck and Robert Frost.
After being exposed to

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