Analysis Of The Poem ' Ozymandias ' By Percy Shelley Essay

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"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad" as John Dalberg Acton once said. History has taught us about many great leaders of the past and has also shown us that people can get power-hungry. These leaders believe that nothing can stop them and that their works will never be forgotten. Ozymandias by Percy Shelley is about a man who hears from a traveler about a statue in the dessert. This statue had the words "My name Ozymandias, King of kings: / Look on my work ye mighty and despair" is inscribe on the pedestal. Ozymandias like many other leaders from the past were corrupted by their power. These leaders were blinded by their power thinking that they could overcome anything. In the end their obsession with power leads them nowhere. The theme of this poem is that power corrupts. Percy Shelley wrote this poem in 1818. During that time King Jorge the third ruled over England. King George was in power during many military conflicts in the kingdom. I think Percy Shelley opposed his rule and the monarchal government and that this poem was criticizing King George. In the poem Shelley uses negative words to attack powerful people. In the poem Shelley writes “who’s frown, and wrinkled, lip, and seer of cold command”. The negative words like frown, sneer, and cold command describe a harsh and aggressive leader. The leader who he is referring to is King Jorge. This is also shown in his other poem “To the Men of England”. This

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