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The Deformity The bright lights and unknown voices travelled around me. It surly wasn’t the first time I had experienced this, but it was the first time I could actually recognize what was going on. They tried to ease my nervousness with their soothing words, but being so anxious nothing could soothe me. It all started at birth. My deformity was nothing new to the medical world, but in my parent’s eyes it was something out of fiction. My feet were turned in like hockey sticks. In medical jargon it is noted as “club foot” which is a perfect description. But of course my parents being who they are dismissed my quark and accepted me and fell in love. This could be said about the rest of my family too, but when they finally were able to conceive what was actually occurring they became weary and quite sad, especially my grandfather. When he first picked me up he took me to the corner seat of the hospital room and cried. But, his fear and sadness did come with love and acceptance. At the age of one I received my first surgery. Being June, the temperature was excruciating which only made things worse for my casts and me. The sweat would drip down my legs and into the crevasses where I could not reach. The moisture would sit in the cloth for days and my wounds would itch tremendously. After the removal of the casts learning to walk was difficult, but being a child it came quickly. In elementary school the problem reoccurred and my ligaments began to shorten again. This was where

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