Analysis Of The Poem ' Passing By Nella Larsen

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Yuan Li (Gilbert)
Professor Gothard
Final draft
This essay would argue about how this poem quoted at the very beginning of this novel implies the how the author express her sympathy and feeling towards their race and how she reveals the female’s inequality in the marriage. At the very beginning of book Passing, Nella Larsen quotes a poem from Countee Cullen to start her story. The poem is very short, which has only four lines. However, this short poem reveals the motif of this novel and the purpose of this writing—what is Africa to me? This question is not only an inquiry which asks African American about their current living conditions in America and their thoughts towards their ethnical identity, but it also is a reflection of the contemporary society in fields of racial discrimination, gender inequality, interracial marriage and basic human rights.
First of all, this poem indicates the history of African American, which implies the author’s sense of sympathy towards her race and people. The poem says “One three centuries removed” in the first line, demonstrating the long history of how African people came to this new land hundreds years’ ago. Though African Americans could be the earliest immigrates in North America, they still attached certain humiliating labels that make them stressful and uneasy. For example, in the novel, both Irene Redfield and Clare Kendry are light-skinned black woman. We could imagine that how their ancestors, may be the poor…
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