Analysis Of The Poem ' Poetry '

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Poetry is a beautiful way to express the subtext within it, using literary devices which enhances the poem 's beauty. Poetry is considered to take distorted ideas and transforms it into beautiful words. Therefore, resulting the harsh truth being displayed in a form of a poem for readers to sink into another point of view. These creators called poets, are a group of people with a wide variety of experiences that an average person does not usually experience. They can create a more unified meaning in their masterpiece, without taking up 300 pages to exhibit their meaning, and still hold different interpretations by different readers. Poets are known to uncover the truth, which could be their experiences or reality based ideas, by beautifying the reality with literary devices to make it more relatable and enjoyable but still hold that very core of the meaning behind the poem. Poetry is a powerful vessel, between creator and reader, to change a person’s outlook of life or one’s surroundings. A poem can change moods, enhances one’s personality, gain a sense of people knowledge and become a bit more sensitive around one 's world. Even if poets are not aware of the power poetry holds, they still do it to convey an experience, a lesson or a journey. All of this relates to 'Love and Roses ' by Tracy Marshall, where the speaker is telling the reader a journey of their blinding love. The abusive relationship exists in the speaker 's life but is distracted by the idea of the
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