Analysis Of The Poem ' Renzo ' Essay

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“renzo…” renzo paused and placed his toys down. his mother called him from other room, her voice soft and kind but with a hidden intent. it was probably like one of the many other times she called him in. sometimes it was just her and father but other times his siblings were there too. he walked carefully, always wary of making too much noise. as if one wrong move could get him kicked out. but today the house was quiet, only a few cleaners were scattered about along with his parents. his siblings went out earlier, to do whatever it is teenagers do. that was why he could hear her from so far. the hardwood was chilling beneath his feet and he wished he had his socks on. despite the warmth of the summer, the house always had a chill to it. he passed by one hired worker. she was cleaning the meeting room and as he walked by she looked up and smiled. she was covering something he could see and brought her finger to lips in a shushing manner. he hurried by her. four more doors down, then he’d reach the room his mother was in. he felt unnecessarily nervous. his small palms sweaty and his fingers jittery. he hesitated outside the door. in his hesitance, he heard more voices. he didn’t want to be punished or abandoned. and he was sure it was because of what he said last week. “i… want to see her…” he couldn’t take it back now, but he still wished he hadn’t said it. ever since he did, he eldest brother was busy and his sister snuck around him. it felt like they were

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