Analysis Of The Poem ' Reservation Love Song ' By Sherman Alexie

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Poetry, like all writing, has a tendency to fall into a creative rut. The created works tend to contain the same themes and fall into similar patterns, especially when they fall into a specific era. That’s why poems can be considered to be from the Romantic or Victorian period. When a poem manages to break out of that, it makes it memorable and worth noticing. “Reservation Love Song” by Sherman Alexie does so philosophically, by portraying a realistic side of love, while Mark Strand’s “Courtship” raises some interesting questions about the relationships between men and women. The poem “may i feel said he” by e.e. cummings portrays an adult’s love through a childlike appearance. Despite these differences, these three poems all address an interesting aspect within them while presenting a unique view on love and relationships. When a person imagines a love poem, they may conjure up the idea of someone saying that their beloved is an angel in human form, or that the love between the two can move mountains. Everything experience is heightened and it takes on a fantastical nature. In Alexie’s poem “Reservation Love Song”, the reader hears about how the speaker tells his lover “I can meet you/ in Springdale buy you beer” and “I can pay your rent” (Lines 1-2, 5). That’s not often what people think of when they imagine “true love”. However, when a person has lacked financial or emotional stability in the past, they tend to crave that when looking for someone to be with. In stanza

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