Analysis Of The Poem ' Salvage The Bones ' By Danzy Senna

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Coral Krentz AAS 222 Prompt #5


Identity is socially constructed. The way society stereotypes an individual, defines society’s perception of an individual. In Danzy Senna’s “Caucasia” Birdie conceals her bi-racial identity and always feels the need to choose between existing as a black girl and existing as a white girl. Another female character in “Caucasia” is Sandy, Birdie’s white mother, who covers up her last marriage with a black man by getting into a new relationship with a white man. Additionally, Sandy conceals her revolutionary tactics by moving to New Hampshire. Finally, in Jesmyn Ward‘s novel “Salvage The Bones,” Esch conceals her own pregnancy. Each character’s concealment reveals that stereotypes alone set up society’s attitude towards an individual and only those considered “normal” are safe. These stereotypes form the perception that defines an individual and can reflect onto those they associate with. Finally the characters’ concealment of large aspects of their own lives is a form of self-defense. By concealing aspects of their lives, they are perceived as normal and are safe.
Before her parents split, Birdie struggled with her identity because she lived on the edge of being black and the edge of being white. As a young girl, Birdie’s father instilled in her a strong “black” identity. However this identity was problematic because as a bi-racial girl,…
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