Analysis Of The Poem ' Saved '

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Saved The cold crisp winter air bit at her as she trekked across the empty field. A light gust of wind picked up, blowing her wild fiery hair into her face and she pushed it away in slight annoyance. Exhaling a breath, she inched further into her coat and stuffed her hands into her pockets in an attempt to keep warm. Making her way over to a small bench that was dark and slightly rustic, she plopped herself down and instantly fell back into the hard wooden seat with a sigh. Rubbing her glove-covered hands together, she looked towards her vacant surroundings. Lush, vibrant greenery stretched across the vast entirety of the land. The near-naked whimsical-looking trees that were posed disorderly sprouted long thin branches that were yet to blossom into divine colours. Soft yellow light filtered through the grey clouds and casted a warm glow over the field. The faint audible murmur of bristling leaves and the high intermittent chirps of birds pleased her ears. As she watched the blushing withered leaves fall upon the dewy grass, a sense of warm nostalgia settled over her. It was Christmas. A festive evergreen tree brightly decorated with an arrangement of colourful ornaments sat at the edge of the lounge, towering above the young girl that stood beneath it. The girl gazed up at the tree in pure awe and wonder, her wide eyes scanning the foreign objects that hung upon every tree branch. Hesitantly, she stood on her tiptoes to touch one of the ornaments – a golden star. As she
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