Analysis Of The Poem ' Sinning Angel '

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"When people fall in love, they burst into flames!” her eyes are twinkling with laughter and holy... She’s beautiful. “When they 're tired, they crawl into their flowers and go to sleep.” All bubbly now, she says “during the day, everyone talks in colors instead of sounds. It 's so quiet.” See, it is almost midnight, and the art exhibit ended a little less than an hour ago. We’re sitting next to each other on a cold marble bench discussing my artwork (which is essentially a giant color explosion of people) titled “Other Worldly.” It conveniently was hung next to her jaw droppingly gorgeous painting titled “Sinning Angel”. The painting was of herself nude, and she, in fact, was a work of art. The atmosphere of the painting was soft, puffy,…show more content…
I had dropped out of the science club, or maybe a teacher called to say I was too busy drawing to pay attention. Being around them felt like I was taken hostage.” her teeth are grinding, she looks like she 's holding a dictionary of bad words. My eyes are glued to her. “So when I was 17 I did something kind of off-the-hook. I crawled out my window, hit the ground with my backpack, and ran. I knew my potential, which is why I did it. It was the most freeing and terrifying experience.” I look at her in slight awe, but I’m not surprised. She makes a bleating noise, “I’m sorry, sometimes words fly out of my mouth like wart frogs”. The air tastes colorful again. “I like it. I like you. You’re a revolutionary”, silence “I don 't have many to talk too. Hence, why I create art.” “You don 't talk much?” “Well, I talk to me. “ She scoots closer now. We’re shoulder to shoulder. (Portrait titled- The Smush). “I don 't know what the fuck is going on, but I’m okay with it. Are you?” she leans her head into my shoulder. “I’m so, hella okay with it”. There’s no need to decipher what is happening with us, at least for now. Voice like tinsel, she says, “You can feel it too? You can taste emotions and can see music like colors? And how this thing between us, it’s a burning feeling, but in a good way?” “Yes. I feel everything you feel.” Her whole body is projecting with enlightenment, and she 's floating up into the air. Not really, but that’s

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