Analysis Of The Poem ' Song ' By Christiania Rossetti

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Poetry has been used for many years to express complex ideas, feelings and situations to others. Good morning everyone, my name is Sophie Mantellato from Carmel College, and I have been asked to present a seminar on ‘Themes in Poetry’ at this year’s literary festival, Celebrating Poetry. Firstly, I would like to thank the members of the festival committee for giving me the opportunity to attend the festival, and speak to you today. My seminar today will highlight the importance of reading and analyzing poetry, even in today’s modern world, where lots of teenagers find it difficult to be interested in studying poetry. What most people don’t realize is that poetry is in many things we read and listen to every day, without even realizing, like music. Today I am going to be sharing my point by analyzing my chosen poem ‘song’ by Christiania Rossetti, which explores the theme of death. The poet, Christiania Rossetti employs a variety of visual and sound devices to successfully outline the harsh reality of death and the emotional pain of losing someone you love. The story of this poem is about a women and how she thinks death will be like, and what she wants her loved ones to do after she is gone. This poem is different because most people are scared about being forgotten, but this woman wants her loved one not to spend their life missing her. She doesn’t care if they forget about her when she is gone but to create memories with her when she is alive. The beginning of the poem is

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