Analysis Of The Poem ' Soul Gone Home '

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Grace Kelly once said, “Women’s natural role is to be a pillar of the family.” When Langston Hughes wrote Soul Gone Home in 1936, women had one important role in life, and that was to take care of the home and care for their children. Most women naturally have the ability to nurture and care for their children; but there are times when the mother cares more about themselves than their children. Soul Gone Home is the plot of a teenage boy that has died, but comes back as a ghost to tell his mother how horrible of a parent she was and that she made him miserable growing up. The boy’s mother plays the role of a heartbroken mother, but when her son’s ghost comes back to haunt her, we see her true colors. This essay will examine determination and role playing with the mother and how she acted when her son first died, when his ghost appeared, and when the ambulance drivers arrived. Most mothers would give anything for their children, even their lives; but the mother in this play only cared about acting as if she was distraught about her son’s death. The mother was determined to make it look as if she was in despair over her son, Rannie, dying. When she walked into the room and saw him lying lifeless on the cot she says, “Oh, Gawd! Oh, Lawd! Why did you take my son from me? Oh, Gawd, why did you do it? He was all I had! Oh Lawd, what am I gonna do?...” (Hughes 267). As her son laid there, dead, she was determined to present herself as if she was heartbroken, it’s as if she was…
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