Analysis Of The Poem ' Spirits Of The Dead ' By Edgar Allan Poe

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Circle of Life in Poe’s “Spirits of the dead” The circle of life is an ongoing loop of everything in the world. Just like a wheel, the circle of life goes round and round. The circle of life never stops, and even though someone might try to, it will not stop. Life and death is the circle of life. In Edgar Allan Poe’s “Spirits of the Dead”, Poe introduces the reader to life and death. This is a very sorrow filled poem, with death and forgiveness. The way Poe uses Life and Death is part of what brings this poem to life. The use of life and death is exactly what Poe chooses to address as he uses imagery and personification of the life he once had and the love he once possessed. The literary techniques in “Spirits of the dead”, are the mood and tone of this poem. It shows what Poe really feels behind his words. The Speaker of Poe’s poem shows grief, mourning, and a deep sense of loss. In stanza I, Poe wrote “Thy soul shall find itself alone/ ‘Mid dark thoughts of the gray tombstone- / not one, of all the crowd, to pry / into thine hour of secrecy” (Poe, lines 1-4). The first stanza is about mourning a lost one and possibly seeing their spirit as they are alone within a cemetery. The use of personification within the first two lines of the poem shows how alone the speaker really feels. He uses his soul as the object to show how he feels. The speaker is all alone in a cemetery, near a tombstone of a loved one, thinking of deep thoughts of death. Within this stanza the gray
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