Analysis Of The Poem ' Still I Rise '

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Discrimination, oppression, and gender inequality are acts that one would not think happens in our present day society. African Americans have suffered racial prejudice and injustice in this nation for many decades. The quest for equality and civil rights has been a never ending struggle even before the famous 1960’s civil rights movement that was spear headed by Martin Luther King Jr. and many others. Even though Thomas Jefferson wrote the famous words in the Declaration of Independence “all men are created equal” ( ), we are consistently observing that the fight for human rights and equality still exist today. Although African Americans have experienced and endured countless hardships and setbacks, their spirit proves to be resilient. In the unforgettable poem “Still I Rise”, written by the literary giant, Maya Angelou, the poem powerfully expresses the plight of the African American people and how we have risen above racism and adversity only to survive and flourish with dignity.
Angelou is a magnificent example of how African Americans can triumph over tragedy. Her birth name was Marguerite Ann Johnson. She was born to Bailey Johnson Sr., and Vivian Baxter Johnson on April 4, 1928, in St. Louis, Missouri. During her childhood, she witness racism while she and her older brother was sent to live with their grandmother Annie Henderson after their parents divorced in the “segregated town of Stamps, Arkansas” (Watson 9). Her brother gave Marguerite the nickname “Maya” as
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