Analysis Of The Poem ' Summer ' By Joanna Fuhrman

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“Summer” by Joanna Fuhrman is a very touching poem. I believe that the poet, Joanna, has lost her best friend. Her best friend is believed to the a host of some sort of party, but we are told that the host died from cancer. It’s also said that there was never a party, so most likely, Joanna is imagining this in her dream because she doesn 't want it to be true. Moving on to concluding that the poem is based on a so called, bad dream. The speaker, Joanna, seen to be the guest of a party; says in line three that she’s reluctant to be there, along with many other guests that must feel the same way. This party could be titled under exotic, as the host is giving away fictional animals to guests; animals such as electric eels and snake-dogs. Before this detail was mentioned, it was said that the host had a girlfriend, and she is “barely seen.” But reading farther along the poem, you come to a conclusion that the girlfriend and her animals are irrelevant. Nowhere else except the first stanza is the host’s girlfriend included; as for the animals being irrelevant in Joanna 's dream, another fictional animal comes into play in the sixth stanza. Looking back, when Joanna was offered the fictional animals, she miraculously “agrees to take a snake-dog.” After being offered, the poem shifts to a more scary or bad like dream, because she then says that she feels the snake-dogs sharp teeth in her shoulder; then Joanna states that she is worrying about the “welfare of our fragile cat,”
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