Analysis Of The Poem ' Summer '

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Summer has come to an end. School is back in full swing and ready to crush the challenges a 5th grader faces. The second to last bell of the day sounds triggering young boy’s to race outside and enjoy the sun’s warmth on their last break before the weekend. While horse playing name calling immediately starts. Challenging each other to accomplish silly acts or flirt with the group of girls across the playground. Recess is almost over when one yells out “if you don’t jump from the top you are a sissy.” Then one hears “ask Julie out first.” Another one shouts out “he won’t….he’s gay.” Silence has now taken over the playground. Saved by the bell it was time to line up and go back to class. Now the final bell for the day has rung and ready to start the weekend and free from the teachers nagging voice. While having dinner chitchatting about one other’s day the young lad asks his parents if he could join the Boy Scouts. Suddenly, dinner appeared to be over. Quickly dad springs up and authoritative smacks his hand against the table in disgust. One hears in an extremely stern voice “my son is not gay nor will he join any gay organization while living under this roof.” Over 200 years ago this country declared freedom that led to the writing of The Declaration of Independence. Our forefathers fought for another12 years to gain the same freedom American’s still enjoy today. Shortly following victory they gathered once again to write the Constitution of the United
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