Analysis Of The Poem ' Sunset '

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The year is 2075. A superior alien race called Crustinians have enslaved humanity to feed their ever-growing labor demands. They have prisoned every alive human into sectors based on their profession. I am in Sector – 13 since I am an optometrist. As a young man, I didn’t like the outdoors – hated everything from amusement parks to zoos. Yet, today, 10th April 2075, is the day I break out of captivity to watch for the very last time, the Sun dip in the sea from the Olympus Beach. It is fascinating what 15 years of imprisonment can do to you.
Escape to Olympus Beach
It was time. As I descended into the tunnels and made my way through them, I wondered if the sun was just as warm and golden as it was in the pre- Crustinian era. An hour and a half later, I climbed out of the manhole and it was everything I had imagined and more. The sun shone brightly, sparkling off the shimmering water which reflected like crystals. The light deluged over the grass and pierced even the darkest shadows. Heat rose from the ground in waves, creating the illusion of rippling water. The only escape from the scorching sunlight was beneath the pine trees that lined the shore, and even some dappled light streamed through the canopy, leaving tiny shapes on the ground in intricate patterns.
I removed my shoes and felt the warm, soft sand under my feet as my cheeks became cold from the light breeze from the sea. It was the perfect opportunity to relax.

At the Olympus Beach
I have never
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