Analysis Of The Poem ' The Arms '

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"Protect her," a familiar voice said.

'Protect who? ' He questioned himself as an image of a baby appeared in his arms.

"This is my daughter," a blond man who stood in front of him, said.

He stared down at the baby, uncomfortably.

"For now on, your life 's mission is to protect her."

The blond man and the baby faded as another man appeared before him. "Your life 's mission is to protect H.Y.D.R.A 's causes. Your life before now, no longer exists. You are the Asset or Soldier. You will not be called by any other name."

"What 's your name?" a little girl 's voice echoed.

'Protect who? ' The Asset asked himself as he sat in his seat and patiently waited for his handler to assign his next mission. His thoughts were interrupted by a
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Even still, she wanted to be prepared. When the morning came, Allie made herself a pot of coffee and dressed herself in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a pair of black hiking boots and a leather jacket. She pulled her hair back in a french braid, to prevent the inconvenience if things went south.

Allie poured cup after cup of coffee until the pot was finished and made herself some breakfast. If she was going to run away, she needed to make sure she ate as much as she could, since she wasn 't exactly sure when her next meal would be.

To kill time, she turned on the television in the living room. She put on the morning news for background noise and ate her breakfast with the gun she stole from Rumlow, in hand.

10:18 AM

Meanwhile, Captain America had already compromised two of three helecarriers that were to shoot at civilians. He stood in his classic uniform as he stared down his childhood friend on the balcony inside the third helecarrier. He hoped that Bucky would remember him and their friendship if he presented himself in the same suit they fought together in. But the Asset looked annoyed by the Captain.

"People are gonna die, Buck. I can 't let that happen," Steve announced.

The Asset looked at him coldly.

"Don 't make me do this," he begged.

When he realized his friend wasn 't going to back down, Steve reached over his shoulder to grab his shield that rested behind his back. He threw it at the Asset, who effortlessly blocked it with his metal arm and
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