Analysis Of The Poem ' The Blacker The Berry ' By Kendrick Lamar

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Have we let racism become a norm in our everyday lives? We turn a blind eye to racism that happens right in front of us. Categorizing people has become normal and if someone someone gets offended by the remarks someone makes of their race or ethnicity they are considered someone without humor. We are to blame for the everyday racism we see in the music, television, posters, etc because we see it as something normal.
In the song “The Blacker the Berry” by Kendrick Lamar, Lamar calls himself the biggest hypocrite of 2015. I believe he himself is realizing that he is also at fault for the everyday racism we seem to face. In the poem “Power” by Audre Lorde we also see a black woman described to be 4’10” being dragged over hot coals of four centuries of white male approval until she let go of first real power she had ever possessed. The meaning behind this was that instead of using the power she had to have the police punished for the wrong he had done, she gave that power up and went along with the other 11 white policemen, causing future generations to suffer. Just like the woman in Lorde’s poem, we have also let go of the only first real power we had. We have allowed people to walk all over our roots causing future generations to also let go of and lose the only power they posses. Although Lorde and Lamar are not the same gender or share the same type of writing styles they both still share their thoughts towards racial discrimination, especially towards the black community.

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