Analysis Of The Poem ' The Blazing Sun '

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“Twinkle, twinkle little star, how you wonder what we are…” The ghostly figures sing, standing in the hall. Everything goes dark, but Daniel can hear voices talking. He is unable to make out what they are saying though. It sounds like a different language of some kind. There is one word he is able to recognize, ‘Virgo’. “Hello, what is going on?” Daniel says, hoping for some kind of answer. The chatter of voices continues, as if Daniel said nothing.
“When the blazing Sun is gone…” Repeats as it did earlier. Daniel isn’t able to move, almost as if he is paralyzed. The chatter between the various entities continues, and increases in speed.
Daniel grunts, holding his head. “What…” He stopped briefly to sit up. “What happened? Where am I?” Daniel got up and braced himself against the wall. He could barely see anything. He glanced to the light fixture. “Ah crap!” He yelled, turning his head away quickly. He could hear the echo from the yell as it went through the hallways. Daniel got himself on his feet, slightly dazed. He notices the dark outlines of the boxes in the room. It appears as though Daniel is in another storage room.
Where am I? What’s going on? Why is everything so dark, but the light fixtures so bright?
Daniel can hear people talking in the hallway outside of the room he is in. He makes his way out the door, using the wall to brace himself. As he looks into the hallway, he can still hear the people talking, but there doesn’t appear to be anyone around. Everything
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