Analysis Of The Poem ' The Bluets ' By Maggie Nelson

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The Bluets written by Maggie Nelson takes the female’s perspective in presenting the way female think, the way female behave and the way females view themselves. Throughout this essay, the readers could not help connecting the scene presented in the text with femininity and the weakness of the female. Despite the fact this lyric essay is beautiful for the readers to appreciate, the image of the female depicted in the essay would lead to the misunderstanding that the female is supposed to be depressed and fragile, which is the main limitation of this essay of the text. In this essay, the female body is described as something too absent to be true with beautiful words, intending to evoke sympathy from the readers. “Over time my injured friend’s feet have become blue and smooth from disuse. Their blue is the blue of skim milk, there smoothness that of a baby’s” (Nelson, 41-42), which is the description of her injured friend’s body. This part sounds melodic and beautiful for readers because of the use of words “skim milk, smoothness and baby” and they are all nice words used to depict the beauty of the female’s body. With the use of such words, it can be seen that Nelson basically appreciates the female’s image. In the meanwhile, Nelson also considers the female to be fragile and depressed with the use of words “blue and baby”. Undeniably, on one hand, blue stands for a kind of color; on the other hand, blue can be used to describe depression, suggesting that her injured friend

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