Analysis Of The Poem ' The Bridge Over A Pond Of Water Lilies '

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Ke’ala Barron In this paper, I will argue that Monet’s Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies is a highly spiritual painting. I will argue this through observing the different elements of the painting, discussing the painting’s influences, and interpreting what I saw in my visit to the museum. I will also look into the feelings and emotions this painting evokes, why I chose this painting, and the differences and comparisons this painting has to other artworks and pop culture. Many elements of this painting, when further observed, bring about a higher understanding of the painting from the viewer. Some of these elements are the color, texture, line, and orientation of the painting. The colors of the painting, while being bright, are mostly in the cool range. The bridge itself, and the trees behind it are cool and perhaps calm, browns and greens. But the water lilies scattered across the water are bright, perhaps joyous, pink and yellow. The texture of the painting is flat with short brush strokes. This was to collapse the illusion of depth in the painting. But the actual texture of the painting is rough and shows how Monet went about painting his artwork. Short brush strokes were also a key symbol of impressionists at the time. Line and even implied line are not highly evident in Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies. There could be some lines in the water lilies on the water and there are lines on the bridge, but they don’t seem to be there to draw the attention of the viewer or

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