Analysis Of The Poem ' The Candles '

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The windows were dark and covered in trickles of water droplets falling down the stained glass slowly when Emma awoke that night. The candles, which were located on each bedside table, were illuminated with strengthening magic to make the room fully lit, the candle next to Emma 's bed wavering once she looked over at it, a drop of wax slipping down the side of it. Three pots, all of them pale, pastel colours were sitting near to the candle, and one green potion sat next to it which looked a very murky displeasing colour. The girl slowly pushed herself up with her good arm and took a quick glance around the Hospital Wing, noticing a boy and Madam Pomfrey who were talking in hushed voices. The boy looked over and caught Emma 's eye; it was Oliver, a concerned look on his face which Emma had never seen before. “See, she’s awake!” He protested to the matron. “You may come back in ten minutes.” Pomfrey said and turned around before he could protest again, and she walked over to Emma. “It’s okay.” Emma said, “He can stay whilst I heal, I don’t mind. Please, Madam Pomfrey. I’ll just do my usual healing process.” “Okay.” The matron nodded. “You may stay.” She called to Oliver. “I’ve put all of your usual remedies on the desk, and you can go when you’re ready, Emma. I’ve healed your arm as well, it merely took a heartbeat for me to do it.” “Thank you.” Emma said gratefully and Pomfrey gave her a smile before she walked away. Oliver raised his eyebrow before strolling over to

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