Analysis Of The Poem ' The Chrysanthemums '

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Freedom is the ability to speak, act, think, and do what you want without any restrictions from anyone or anything. The stories “The Story of an Hour” and “The Chrysanthemums” have a theme of freedom that is expressed through the use of the main characters Elise and Mrs. Miller (Louise). The two characters are woman who wish for freedom. Though they are women with husbands that love them and beautiful homes they are restricted by their marriage, gender, and the social norm of their time period. These two women do not just want any type of freedom, they want freedom of independence. To do as they wish, act as they wish, speak as they wish. In the story “The Chrysanthemums” the theme of freedom is very subtle. Elise the main character is an intelligent, ambitious, beautiful woman with a lot to offer but because she is a woman her potentials is ignored. Elise does not have the freedom to do the things that men can do such as working in a ranch, or going around in car fixing things like the Tinker does. Elise is trapped in the social norm of her time period. The 1930s was a time were women had the right to vote and were becoming more and more independent but they were far from being equal with men. Women were still considered the subordinate sex. They cook, clean and do all the housework while the men go to work. When Elise’s husband says he wished “[she] would work out in the orchard”, Elisa answers “[she] could do it” instead of she will do it (Steinbeck, 589). She answered…
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