Analysis Of The Poem ' The Dead '

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Lily answers Gabriel so sharply, because she is confident enough in herself to know she does not need a man as Gabriel suggests. He gives her money to cover it up, because he is so embarrassed. Gabriel is “discomposed by the girl’s bitter and sudden retort’, because it was unexpected and also upset him enough to give her money. It is set on this day, because it highlights Gabriel’s epiphany. He is there to break traditions, because they are either dead or dying, just like the Christ. He brings more modern views in regards to how the people respond and remember the dead. The dead in the story are the old traditions that they hold. Also, the memories the people there have on the dead from their past. Specifically, Gretta’s first love, Michael Furey. Gabriel is different from other party guests as he is more modern and does not hold the same Irish traditions as the others anymore. He is more educated and knows this to his advantage as putting himself out there as superior, rather than equal. Due to this, he thinks more of his speech throughout the party than actually interacting with everyone. In that speech, he uses fake modesty to help persuade, or move, the people. Miss. Ivors is true on her accusations, because she is the only one Gabriel believes to be on the same educational level as him. Also, because she knows the hardships that Ireland, their homeland, has been made to go through because of its neighboring country, Britain, None of the hard times can be proven false,
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