Analysis Of The Poem ' The Death Of Ivan '

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“Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides” (Lao Tzu). Without life, death cannot exist and without death, life cannot exist. The journey that all living things embark on can be seen as a thread, only to reach the final destination, death. It is this journey that we, as human beings make the best of. In order to reach death with a positive mind, people must live a good life. A life of deeper truth with the world around us, personal fulfillment, and joy. In Tolstoy’s short story, “The Death of Ivan Ilych”, the reader is taken on a painful and agonizing journey of the last moments of Ivan Ilych’s life. Ivan Ilych, a man who was concerned about pleasing others rather than himself and going through life without searching and digging deeper into what life really was. After a long and aching struggle with his illness, Ivan Ilych understood that there is an end to life and one is not eternal. Also, he learned that in order to enjoy life one must go beyond the norm, love full heartedly, and enjoy the beauty that life is. The reader begins to know Ivan Ilych as a wealthy man who under that was an average man, neither extraordinary nor useless. Something of key importance is that he feels as though he is at the center of the universe, the world revolves around him. When Ivan losses his job he wanted to “punish those who had failed to appreciate him and get transferred to another ministry” (96). Ivan is a selfish man who only thinks about himself and his

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