Analysis Of The Poem ' The Death Of Death '

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The combination of how the subject matter is conveyed by the narrator, and the emotions which are built through poetic devices contribute to constructing the message the author intended for each poem. Throughout Drummer Hodge, Hardy appears to express the idea that dying in battle is no way to achieve immortality through the memory of others, as every death is unnecessary and soon forgotten to the land. He frequently infers that Hodge is consumed by the landscape, becoming a part of it as he slowly loses everything he was. Hardy reinforces this idea that a soldiers death is meaningless and not at all remembered, by cleverly turning the phrase, ‘being laid to rest,’ which indicates the care and effort put into burring the deceased, into one which demonstrates the meaninglessness of his death. This can be seen in the first line of the poem, “They throw in Drummer Hodge, to rest,” where he is not laid to rest, but thrown illustrating the fact that the soldier is totally disregarded and not remembered in any significant way. Brooke however, constructs a romanticized message of remembrance and honour for the soldier. The Soldier seems to convey the message that death in battle is an honourable death, which serves to repay a man’s homeland for all it has given him, an action for which, he will be remembered. He continually refers to the transformation which occurs upon a soldier’s death, entailing the change of the very soil he falls on, to English soil. This implication
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