Analysis Of The Poem ' The Fork ' By Charles Simic

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Forks and Feet Surrealism, an art and literature movement aiming to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind began in the 20th century. In surrealism, authors attempted to juxtapose irrational images such as a fork and a bird’s foot. Charles Simic, a famous surrealist author, grew up in a war-torn Europe which shaped his perspective of the world and deeply affected his writing. In his brief poem “Fork,” he initially leads the reader into thinking his two stanza poem will depict a concise image of one eating food. However, as one reads on, the poem instead guides the reader to a far darker purpose, there is violence hidden behind everyday normalcies. Using sinister language, Simic immediately sets a disturbed tone. It is only when one reads “Fork” a second time that the horror of his writing sinks in: our everyday lives are filled with small acts of violence that Simic depicts through the use of language, structure, and juxtaposing imagery. A break of white space separates the first stanza from the second, creating a long pause for the reader to question what he or she just read. Second, Simic uses sickening language to describe what one does with a fork in the second stanza. He draws us into a world in which a simple object like a fork can be transformed into nightmare.
Simic creates a daunting atmosphere by using unsettling diction throughout the poem, leaving the reader with a pit in their stomach. After reading the first line the word crept, creates a

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