Analysis Of The Poem ' The Harttung Family Epitaph '

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At first glance, The Harttung Family Epitaph has a clear religious influence. The image of Christ, the largest person in the center of the painting, alludes to the Christian Church. The group of kneeling worshippers in the bottom of the painting, and the presence of men in the clouds above also display the artist’s religious influence. All of these images, along with the placard, help clarify the artist’s intent. The placard states that the painting is from 1540 and describes it as protestant artwork. Therefore, through the images of a victorious Christ, a defeated Jonah, and the banner of England, the artist attempts to reference the newly found Protestant Church. When I first saw the painting, the first thing I noticed was the image of Christ standing triumphantly in the center of the painting. This is because the artist uses techniques to draw a viewer’s attention towards him. In each corner of the painting, a head floating on a cloud looks towards the center of the painting, drawing a viewer’s eye towards Christ. The crowd underneath him looks up while kneeling in a sign of worship, again, bringing the focus of a viewer towards Christ. The artist includes references so viewers recognize Christ. On the man’s right hand and right foot, blood flows from open wounds. These wounds reference Christ’s crucifixion. Despite these wounds, the artist presents a glorious image of Christ. Christ stands over the body of a crowned monster and the bones of skeleton while holding a

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