Analysis Of The Poem ' The Hollowmen '

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In the Romantic Era there were many famous poets that had a huge impact on civilization at the time. There are many compelling stories and poems that have not only made me question small things in life, but also think about things in different perspectives. Out of all the stories and poems that we studied this semester there were several that stuck out the most to me. There were the young poets and the more elder ones, the difference between the two was the fact that the young ones did not live long, but died at young ages from rather ironic occurrences or of diseases. I have found myself to be most affected and compelled by The Hollowmen by T.S. Eliot, To an Athlete Dying Young by A.E. Housman, and She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron. First, the poem The Hollowmen by T.S. Eliot is one of my favorite for several reasons. To begin, it gives many things about how society is today and things that we do. For example, it says that we talk so much, but say so little. This is so true, if I was to stand somewhere and listen to what everybody says, they will all talk so much, but they would not talk about anything with meaning. It would all be a waste of breath in which there would have been no difference if those words went unsaid. This changed the way I interpret life and the things I say. Also form the same poem it asks the question if you were to face your great great great grandparents, would they be proud of who you are. Among the same lines, Eliot also explains how we
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