Analysis Of The Poem ' The Last Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The next morning, Miles was sick to his stomach as he waited for Bass and Charlie to emerge. Vincent eyeing him with some amusement as Gene and Rachel sorted through Gene’s dwindling first aid supplies. When they finally emerged, Miles went from nauseous to faint when he saw what his daughter was wearing. Black leather pants and sleeveless jacket with fur adorning the collar, joined a deep v-neck shirt along with a holster wrapped round her hips. Her hair was hanging loose with small braids throughout, feathers and leather lacing adorning them. A sword hung opposite the handgun and several knives could be seen poking out the top of her tall boots. She looked every inch a warlord. Miles pinched the bridge of his nose. “You didn’t say…show more content…
Duncan Page.” Rachel huffed a little laugh. “Duncan Page?” she asked in a high pitched voice as she turned towards Miles. “You gave our daughter to Duncan Page?” Not looking at either Bass or Charlie, Miles made his way to Rachel’s side. “Rachel, let me explain.” Rachel shook her head. “You gave my baby girl to a warlord?” “Rachel, you have to understand. I only wanted to protect her,” Miles pleaded. The crack of Rachel’s palm against Miles’ cheek echoed in the morning silence as Rachel turned on her heel and hurried away. “Oh, very helpful, Charlie,” Miles said rubbing his cheek. Charlie shrugged, looking between the two men. “You didn’t tell me she was crazy.” “She’s not crazy,” Miles snapped, defending his wife, “but she’s had her share of problems.” With a sigh he turned to go see to his wife. “I’ll go,” Charlie said, pressing her hand against his chest. “It’s me she wants to see anyway.” Following the path the older woman had taken, Charlie found her down by the river sitting on the grassy bank. Joining her, they sat in silence for a few minutes until a sob escaped Rachel’s throat. “He gave you to a warlord!” she cried, throwing her hands out in front of her. “I don’t understand how he could have done such a thing.” Charlie looked at the woman beside her, thoughtfully before speaking. “When I asked Miles how he could have done something like this to you, to the woman he loved, he said that he couldn’t handle losing both of us. Ultimately,

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