Analysis Of The Poem ' The Markan Jesus '

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The verb ἤρξατο is ingressive aorist emphatic of the arduous task of teaching that Jesus effected with the purpose of fully revealing himself to his disciples. The ὅτι of content here is indicative what he taught. Here, Jesus does not build his messianic identity around Jewish expectations but he ‘distorts’ it in a way that is incomprehensible by any Jew. He teaches that it is a must for the son of man to suffer many things. The impersonal verb δεῖ is extremely emphatic as used here and intimates divine agency and design, fulfilling scripture. His self-reference as the son of Man is key. It appears as an allusion to the figure in Daniel 7:13-14 . Kingsbury agrees with Perrin that “Mark employs son of man to interpret and to give correct content to the belief in Jesus…by emphasizing the necessity of suffering” . The Markan Jesus is constantly been portrayed as one with authority to forgive sin and ultimately to establish a kingdom on earth . More importantly, the Son of Man in Jesus’ self-reference must suffer; so is the depiction in Daniel 7. This assertion is not a correction of Peter’s confession, rather he ascribes it a special significance touching on his Messiahship .
Jesus goes on to define his mission which is in stark contrast to the Jewish expectations. He must suffer many things. The πολλὰ is not adverbial but the direct object of the complementary infinitive παθεῖν. This also draws its parallel from the suffering servant in Isaiah 53 .This is significant for it…
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