Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night '

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Gemma awoke, with a huge yawn, on a rainy spring morning. She climbed out of bed and went to her bedroom window to peek out as the rain went tap-tap on her window.

Gemma heard the clatter of pans in the kitchen so she went out to see what her mommy was cooking for breakfast.

What a wonderful surprise! her mommy had made her fishy shaped pancakes to fit with the rainy day.

Gemma 's mommy smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the head as she said good morning my beautiful
Gemma with a great big smile.

Gemma helped her mommy put the pots and pans away after eating her breakfast.

Her mommy told her that she would have to play inside today, just until the sun started to shine.

Gemma was a bit heartbroken, but decided she would play with her stuffed toys.

As Gemma sat down on her rug she gathered Willy the whale,
Sammy the sea horse, Chip the fish, and Ollie the octopus into a circle around her and thought to herself how exciting it would be to go on an adventure of her very own under the sea.

The rain on her window was still going tap-tap tap-tap, and she imagined herself swimming in the big blue ocean with her stuffed friends.

Gemma began to swim and explore her surroundings and out of nowhere a gigantic blue fish swam up beside her.

Hellloooo his voice echoed, I am Willy the whale and who are you? My name is Gemma , and I am on a fantastic adventure.
Awesome said Willy may I come along with you? Oh, that would be just wonderful exclaimed Gemma as she…
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