Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night Sky '

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In the middle of the evening of the night, the moon radiates its lustrous light, transcending its elegance throughout the night sky. In the center of the where the moonlight shines upon the lower horizon was a farmhouse. The farmhouse was a reddish-brown mahogany color, has taken the form of a quaint, silhouette that could be actually being dilapidated for a very long time. The farmhouse’s land contains the lack of living plant life forms nothing more; but only dirt and soil, as the entire of its species were wiped out by a catastrophic event and none of them survived the incident. It’s a quiet, solemn evening as the windmill, right beside the farmhouse, spinning its turbines in a constant motion, and the sound of the wolf’s howl echoes in the background for a sense of everlasting peace in the night. Everything was peaceful, but suddenly, a car ran past the farmhouse at high speed as were being chased by an unknown force. The car was actually be chased by the police car and the helicopter, shining its light underneath, overhead. Inside the high speed getaway car was two anthropomorphic feline criminals. One was feline criminal has a darkish brown fur while his partner in crime has a dark blue fur and appears to have a smaller physique of a mere child than his partner. The dark brown feline complaining over the fact that the police force was gaining upon them, coincidentally, his partner remains stoic, possessing a calm level headed manner,” Drive, faster,”

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