Analysis Of The Poem ' The ' Of Mendoza Utilises Onofre Bouvila '

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It is fair to say that Mendoza utilises Onofre Bouvila as a character to be portrayed as a direct parallel to the development and aspirations of Barcelona. This is expressed in the novel, since; it is irrelevant how rich and powerful Onofre becomes. This is due to the fact that, he can never be on the top table of the social ladder literally and figuratively, due to his impoverished upbringing and working class background. “corrió hacia la mesa presidencial… Al llegar a la mesa advirtió que no quedaba una sola silla libre, ni un cubierto reservado para él. ¿Qué haces aquí parado como un pasmarote? Tu puesto está allá, en la mesa tres… ¡Pero yo quiero sentarme aquí al lado de la zarina!... ¿quieres ofender a su alteza imperial?”. “These same men who asked for his money do not allow Onofre to sit at the same table with the Russian aristocrat because he does not have a noble lineage”. This shows us that in this scene Onofre aspires to sit on the top table with the Czarina. Nevertheless, even though he is incredibly powerful and considered to be the richest man in Spain, due to his deprived and lower class background, he will never be able to sit on that top table. Consequently, Onofre will never get to the upper echelons of Barcelona’s social elite. Therefore, it could be argued that Onofre is a metaphor for Barcelona given the fact that, whatever Barcelona attempts to achieve in order to prove its self-worth ( for instance, hosting the first World Fair in Spain and holding the

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