Analysis Of The Poem ' The Oysters ' By Tobias Wolff

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There are two short stories with different settings. “Oysters,” written by Anton Chekhov, takes a place in the nineteenth century Moscow. It begins with a flashback, which the author recalls on the day that he and his father try to beg for alms in order to satisfy their hunger, which happens when he is a child. While his father hesitates to ask people for alms, he sees a word-oysters- on a placard. Since he does not know what oysters look like, he asks his father what oysters are and imagines a delicious fish soup, however, when his father tells what oysters really look like, he starts to feel disgusted. When he is crying for oysters, two gentlemen drag him to the restaurant to let him eat oysters. In the end, he gets to eat oysters, but it does not make him satisfied, in fact, it makes him sick.
On the other hand, “Powder,” written by Tobias Wolff, takes a place in the modern state of Washington. The author begins with the story by telling that the father and his son go to Mount Baker for skiing. The father has a difficult relationship with his wife that they are about to break up. When he and his son decide to go home, they are unable to do so because the road is closed due to snow. Since the father wants to go home as quick as possible, he tries to call state troopers to move away, which is breaking law. “Oysters” and “Powder” seems to have few relationships with each other because of the different settings. However, they contain some important similarities and

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