Analysis Of The Poem ' The Persona Speaking ' Essay

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In the poem Testimonials, the persona speaking, is a woman. We know that she is a woman because of how delicate and precise her words are. The woman uses words like: “smallest breezes, / filigree, / sweetly, / and lemon sorbet.” She is speaking to a younger generation of men and women. This is a reflective lyric poem because the speaker is reminiscing on times of the past and things she encountered that enlightened her life. The persona is very much like the poet, which is also a woman. It makes it easier for us to interpret and connect with the poem as well. We can determine that the speaker is a wise and seasoned woman. A woman is aged between 65-80. She speaks as though she is talking about the days when she was younger. She reflects on the details of what made her feel special. The line “The world called, and I answered,” shows us how anxious she was to see all that life had to offer her. The woman speaking is happy to share her life and memories. The woman is recounting the little things that led her to where she is now. She takes the audience back to the times that brought her the most joy. The repetitiveness of “back when” in the poem, tells us that this was some time ago. We can determine by the tone in the poem, that the woman is grateful and appreciative for her experiences. She is sharing her knowledge with a younger audience, to teach them to acknowledge the small things in life. The listener is never specified in the poem. If we were to read or listen to the…

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