Analysis Of The Poem ' The River That The Boy Spirit '

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She cleaned the spirit’s dirty body and found out that the dirty things all came from human’s rubbish that discharged into rivers and lakes (Napier, 2006). After Chihiro cleaned the spirit, this lets him not suffering from pollution. Then the spirit gave Chihiro some treasure that also showed Miyazaki’s view that if people try to protect the nature, nature will also return something for humans (Napier, 2006). Another environmental concern in Spirited Away was a boy who used to be the spirit of a river near Chihiro’s old town, but he forgot his name. And he was working in the spa center because the river was filled by human to build a highway (Reider, 2005). Miyazaki’s view changed because his life changed at that time. Japan has developed quickly at that time especially the industry, but people ignored that some activities could harm the environment. Also, Napier stated Miyazaki explained that the inspiration for the river that the boy spirit was a personal experience of his own when he helped to clean a polluted river near his home (Napier, 2006). Miyazaki wanted to use the magic film to tell people the truth what they did. Their behaviors reflected their daily life that damaged the environment with no intention and also encouraged people to solve the problem in order to protect the environment. Ponyo on the Cliff Miyazaki’s recent film is Ponyo on the Cliff. According to Rob Young, Ponyo, the main character, is the youngest girl in Miyazaki 's film and Ponyo is a
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