Analysis Of The Poem ' The Road '

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Title: The Road

1. Significance of the title: The father and son in the story are following a road to go south; that is their objective which they work towards throughout the novel.

2. Genre: Post-apocalyptic Fiction

3. Date of original publication: September 26th, 2006

4. Author: Cormac McCarthy

5. Setting (including: time span of the story, time period in which the story is set, and place[s] in which the story is set): The story takes place over many months, but there is no set time seeing as the main character doesn’t even know what month or year it is. The tale is set after the apocalypse, when there are few people left as most have died. The novel is about the father and son’s journey to go south, so the setting
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As they travel further, they face starvation. During this time, the father finds an old apple orchard where the duo is replenished. After the supplies they find at the orchard run out, they are starving again. This leads up to them finding a bomb shelter filled with food and supplies. After resting here for a few days, the pair continues on the road. They meet an old man on the road with whom they share some food and spend one night with. The pair reaches the coast which turns out to be a disappointment. They do, however, find a boat with supplies and a flare pistol. The boy falls ill and the man nurses him back to health. After the boy gets better, the pair walks down the beach and return to find their belongings stolen. They chase down the thief and the man forces him to give up his clothing, which he later gives back at the boys’ pleading. As they go farther inland, they come across a town where the father is shot in the leg with an arrow. The man becomes very ill and as he is dying, he tells the boy to keep the fire going. After the man dies, the boy find a group of good people who take him in.

8. Point of view (From whose viewpoint is the story told? Describe the narrator(s) and his/her connection to the story): The story is told in the third person point of view. In that point of view, the father is who seems to be the main character as more of his emotions and actions are shown. 9. Style (a) Characterize the author’s diction. (specific
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