Analysis Of The Poem ' The Road Not Taken '

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The poem “The Road Not Taken” is about how the author himself has come to a split in a path while walking in the woods without a map. The season is fall, and the leaves are turning red and yellow. He isn’t sure which way he should go, and he wishes he didn’t have to choose and could go both ways. He looks down one path as far as he can see, but he then decides to take the other. The path he decides to take is not quite as worn as the other one, the leaves are freshly fallen with no foot prints or tracks. The author reflects on how he intends to take the road that he didn 't take next time, but he doubts that he will ever come back. Instead, in the future, he will be reminded of how his decision was ultimately the right one. I decided to adapt this poem into a drawing because I feel like it can be interpreted in various ways and has a lot of hidden meanings. This poem demonstrates that everyone needs to choose their own path and not anyone else’s. This theme was communicated with Frosts usage of symbols and imagery. Robert Frost’s tone in the poem is thoughtful and indecisive. The tone in this poem played a big role in helping people grasp the poem’s text. While reading the poem, I learned that the traveler, who I assume is Robert Frost, is uncertain of which path to go through. I could clearly see that this is a decision that he is putting a lot of thought into. Since his tone is so contemplative, I learned that this is a life decision, and not just a choice between two
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