Analysis Of The Poem ' The Roses ' By William Faulkner

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Save The Roses
In the short story “A Rose for Emily”, William Faulkner uses the rose as a symbol for Emily and how she lived her life. Like humans, roses live a beautiful life and then die when it 's their time. While people like to save roses because they possess sentimental value, Mrs. Emily tried to save her loved ones who passed away. Some thought maybe she was just a woman you ‘would’ give a rose. Which ever reason, the way Mrs. Emily was raised gives reason for her weird and sickening actions. Regardless of if she had a good excuse or not, Mrs. Emily 's actions would have never been allowed or overlooked in this day in age. In our society we carry with us many different options, religions, friends, families, personalities and even jobs that wouldn 't allow these things to happen. All of the events in this short story make me wonder “What If” this happened around my home, in my neighborhood , wouldn 't everyone would be applied? There are so many people like Emily around the world and the only reason we are aware of them is because people stepped up and stopped looking the other way. Mrs. Emily Grierson, is definitely seen as a strange character in any reader’s opinion and a character analysis of Emily would definitely go in countless directions. In the story the reader witnesses Mrs. Emily having a hard time dealing with several of life 's hardships. Emily’s own self-depression, anxiety and her disconnection from the community is what brings most of the events to

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