Analysis Of The Poem ' The Rusty Toque '

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In Dave Margoshes free verse poem, NOTE TO SELF published on June 30, 2015 in the online literary journal, The Rusty Toque, the speaker is writing down their daily to-do list. Margoshes allows the reader to delve into a piece that combines intimacy with the bluntness of the simple language used. The varied word choice and syntax indicate the character behind the writer of the list. In combination, the use of repetition emphasizes key elements in the relationship with the lover. Finally, the structure is used to contrast specific details revealed with vague ideas presented. Using these devices, Margoshes creates an image of how society has lost their sensitivity and understanding of the sanctity of a relationship by turning it into just another thing-to-do.
The title is descriptive and yet simple when describing the poem. It gives a nonchalant air, therefore when the reader gets to the “Write break-up letter to lover:” line it is more powerful since it feels unexpected proceeding the line, “Pay phone bill”. The decision to write this poem in the form of a to-do list is an integral part in the way the reader sees the speaker. The very title ‘note to self’ shows how the piece is never intended to be read by anyone other than the person writing it. The piece holds the same intimacy as a diary except a to-do list uses much simpler language. It must be very straight forward and lack the emotion that diary would since it outlines a series of tasks rather than feelings. The fact…
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