Analysis Of The Poem ' The Sand '

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Like all good narratives this one begins in the sand. Not the sand of some far-off planet, where a young person awaits their quest, but a desert closer to home, where Chris Taylor hoped to talk to the one person he thought had never heard of Star Wars. Chris Taylor attended the premier of Star Wars: A New Hope in the native spoken language of the Navajo, and was disappointed to learn that George James Sr. had heard about Star Wars before Taylor got a chance to speak to him (Taylor xx). Everyone even the old Navajo man, who lived in the mountains, has seen something related to Star Wars. It has been a huge success. It grew from a movie into a mass cultural phenomenon. George Lucas and Disney have been able to do something with Star Wars that few, if any movies, have been able to do. Using traditional myth making techniques, cutting edge cinematic technology, and a massive merchandizing department, George Lucas and now Disney, have successfully made certain philosophical, psychological, and quasi-religious ideas palatable and universal for the modern audience. Therefore, Star Wars fandom has manifested into things dealing with the human psyche, such as the Jedi Church.
Star Wars would have been a complete dud if George Lucas did not read Joseph Campbell’s, A Hero of a Thousand Faces, while he was writing the first movie. Prior to Campbell’s inspiration Lucas’s treatments for his space opera, where cheesy and bad. The movie would have been another sci-fi flop. The second
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