Analysis Of The Poem ' The Selkie Cave '

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The Selkie swam into his undersea cave that contained his human clothing. Last evening he’d had a vision he would find his life mate in the area above the sea caves. He needed to find her as his vision was too strong to disregard. She was a well-built sturdy young Scot lass with sparkling green eyes and long dark auburn hair which flowed to her waist. He had seen her in his dream, dancing at the local Highland Gathering. The young woman in his dreams was Mackenzie Sutherland’s destiny. He strode into the clan gathering, he noticed her dancing a Highland Fling with her kilt and hair whipping around her tight young body. Her smile flashed as she moved to the intricate steps of her dance. Her cheeks flushed and her eyes blazed with a heat which drew him like a moth to a flame. Around and around she swirled and kicked to the music of the bagpipes. As she spun around, he could see her beautiful long legs and the sweet curve of her rounded bottom. Her waist, he realized he could circle with his hands. Her bust was full and appeared to be a plump handful. Her complexion was pale as peaches he’d read about in books from her world. While he enjoyed her dance, passion heated his blood, and Mackenzie recognized she was the young woman from his dream. Skye loved the dancing and the way she felt as the men’s eyes remained on her. In her young girl’s mind, she understood the power she held over them. She viewed the young dark-haired stranger who watched her with a

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