Analysis Of The Poem ' The Soldier 's Home ' And Katherine Mansfield 's '

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In Ernest Hemingway’s haunting short story “Soldier’s Home” and Katherine Mansfield’s insightful short story “Miss Brill”, both isolated characters, Krebs and Miss Brill, experiences the many pratfalls of their solitude. Krebs and Miss Brill are both victims of isolation but for different reasons. They deal with different types of isolation, family support and perception of reality that hinder them from fully assimilating in to the present reality around them.
Isolation can be used as a tool for comfort and protection or as a guise to hide one’s own sorrows. Krebs’ isolation is due to the effects of the war and his town’s reaction to the war. For his town “had heard too many atrocity stories to be thrilled by actualities” that it forced war-ridden Krebs in to solitude (Hemingway 187). The many consequences of the war effected Krebs to “not want any consequences ever again” (Hemingway 188). Krebs isolation is due to the need of protecting himself from consequences. His mind is still in the war, but his body is not. He finds comfort in isolation because consequences only come from interaction with others that leads to forming connections that lead to vulnerability. When someone is vulnerable, they are more likely to get hurt. Miss Brill’s isolation is due to her obtuseness about the perception of the people around her. Miss Brill’s distorted perception of herself makes her think that “somebody would have noticed if she hadn’t been there; she was part of the performance

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