Analysis Of The Poem ' The Star Of The Show '

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This topic is divided into four scene but this poem is all about the beauty & sacrifises

of urn . In this poem the star of the show is URN. keats describing the beauty of urn

in different ways. In the poem speaker is saying that it 's a married pride but still virgin.

Then the poet looks more closely at the specific scenes depicted on its sides. He praises

its shape but disses its "overwrought" decoration. Finally, he treats it like a sage with

wisdom to impart.


The pastoral is a literary style that shows a formal pictures of rural life and the naturalness and innosence environment,which totally differ from the frustration and corruption in cities, the life of pastoralism is characterized by laughter, song and absolute freedom from care and anxiety. It is a life of sweet deliciousness and joy. Pastoral is a mode of literature in which author tried various techniques to place the complex life into simple one
Terry Gifford-a prominent literary theorist, defines pastoral in three ways in his critical book Pastoral:-
Firstly-in which writer discuss about the countryfield and the life of shepherd.
Secondly-in which writers draws a contrast between country and the urban life and thirdly-in which writer depicts the country life wirh degorative classifications.
John Milton wrote most famous about pastoral elegy in 'Lycidas ',which was written on the death of King Edward. Pastoral elegy which uses the pastoral
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