Analysis Of The Poem ' The Stranger '

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In many works of literature, poetry and art, the sun is used to represent life, divine beauty and strength. In the poem Ah! Sunflower by William Blake for example, the sun represents joy and life. In the novel The Stranger, the author Albert Camus uses the sun in the opposite manner, making it serve as a negative motif throughout the novel. Conversely, Camus uses the sea as a motif to represent the positive and pleasurable feelings that Meursault actually wants to feel. The motifs of the sun and sea serves as representations of Meursault’s absurdist behaviors. Absurdism is the idea that humanity must live in a world that is and will forever be hostile or indifferent towards them. The universe will never truly care for humanity the way we seem to want it to (Cite). The physical world in general contributes to Meursault’s characterization. When he should be experiencing a rational feeling or emotion, Meursault becomes aware of the physical world around him. His awareness of the physical world becomes intense in times of negative events or pleasurable ones. Camus uses simple and short sentences to describe the natural world. This emphasizes the simplicity of nature, along with the simplicity of Meursault’s character, which demonstrates how close his relationship with nature is. Meursault’s sensitivity to nature contributes to why he can relate to it easier that he can to humans or society. He feels as if he can connect with it more. The sun and sea serve as tools for
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