Analysis Of The Poem ' The Weary Blues '

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The Weary Blues is one of many Langston Hughes’s poetry during the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance is a time in American history, in the cities where African Americans were concentrated like Harlem, many master pieces of art, music and literature were created. Blues was much enjoyed during the period; people listened to it and loved it. In the poem of The Weary Blues, people alive through music, and the strong power of music supported the suffering of the black people in that time period.
The poem describes the speaker listening to a musician plays blues in Harlem. Langston Hughes wrote The Weary Blues in free verse, he also used an irregular rhyme theme, thus the poem sounds like a piece of speech or music. The speaker also uses special dictions and repeats the lines of blues lyrics. Hence the tone of the poem is comparatively mournful with a tempo of blues, and as readers, we can reveal the state of mind of the musician. The musical style of blues is invented by African Americans. This genre of music expresses themes those are painful and miserable, blues songs are sing to express lost loves. According to the historians, blues is similar to the other genre of music called spirituals, which are sung by a group of people. But blues is usually sung by a single person, to emphasize the loneliness of the pain.
Since Harlem Renaissance is characterized by dualism peculiar for the culture of the colored people, which is called the double consciousness. (Shaduri, 89)…
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