Analysis Of The Poem ' The Wife Of Bath '

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Becca Edmondson AP English 12 Mrs. Price Research Paper The Wife of Bath The Wife of Bath is unlike the other women of her time to some extent, yet simultaneously is a member of a certain group of individuals. Although this is taking place in the fourteenth century, surprising as it is, the Wife of Bath fits into the society through her uniqueness. In Chaucer’s tales the women of this time were not portrayed as one might imagine. Many believe the women of the fourteenth century were housewives who obediently satisfied their husbands in every aspect of life, which in most cases is true (Carruthers 5). The wife of bath is a satirical character because although she is characterized by actions uncommon in this time period she is still portrayed as someone who holds a place in society. (Chaucer) The Wife of Bath displays exaggerated historically appropriate actions, but yet her characteristics and attitude do not portray the typical woman of the fourteenth century. The Wife of Bath satirically was created in order to warn men of the harsh consequences that are the results of men not controlling their wives. A typical marriage in the fourteenth century was expected by most all people to be a man and woman coming together as one and creating a home in which the women cared for their husbands every need, submissively obeyed, and also pleased them throughout all circumstances. In this time period though the women were expected to obediently submit to their husbands no matter what
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