Analysis Of The Poem ' The Worst Goodbye '

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The Worst Goodbye

My eyes has never been the puffiest. I was sobbing, like a child, the night before my childhood best friend, Myka, leaves for college in the Philippines. She will not be coming back after she finishes college and so, family and friends gathered at the airport to say all our goodbyes. My friends and I gave her a book containing all the memories we’ve experienced together since we were children. We were drowning in tears because we were all going our separate ways. I tried to make people stop crying by being positive and cracking up jokes, yet I was the one bawling harder than anyone. My crying face is the most hideous, monstrous feature that I’m proud of because it made people’s stomach hurt from all the laughing.
An hour before Myka departs, I received a call from my other friend, Angelica, who was leaving at the same time as Myka, but at different airlines. “I’m leaving today and can you please see me before I fly off?” Angelica begged. We had a close relationship since intermediate school. Angelica was going to American Airlines while Myka was going to Philippine Airlines. Myka wanted everyone to see her fly off, however, because Angelica wanted me to see her, as well, I asked Myka if I could go and see her for a while. She hesitated, then replied “Be here by 10:10
a.m. I’m leaving at 10:30”. By the time I left, it was 9:45 a.m.

I ran, like the speed of lightning, to find Angelica. I don’t go to the airport as often so, I didn’t know where the stations

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